Elias Beaufort

Director of The Argus Company


A fine gentleman who is always dressed in a well-tailored black suit. He has a handlebar mustache. He is imposing when he stands at 6’3".


Elias Beaufort is the founder and president of the Argus Company. The Company is dedicated to the technological enrichment of the United States of America.

Beaufort and a few colleagues, only known as The Circle, discovered United States had fallen technologically behind during the Civil War. That thought it made technological leaps such as building iron clad warships it paled in comparison to the Greek Empire or the newly formed German Empire.

They decided with private funding and some governmental sponsorship to create the Argus Company to catch the United States up with the rest of the world. Little did they know what a Pandora’s Box they would be opening.

Elias Beaufort

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